Zahana 33 Gastronomique

It was a time when Bucharest was called the little Paris because in the restaurants with the rooftop on the big boulevards it was cooking according to the rigors of the highest kitchen. At the beginning of the 20th century, the chefs refined the local gastronomy, placing it in the same way as the French cuisine. Even the Royal House of Romania menus contained traditional recipes in a thrilling combination of tastes that were no less than the luxury of Western gastronomy. We have also gone looking for refined cookies from the past, because today we want to enjoy the most unpredictable tastes.

Zahana 33, a new location open at Doamnei Street no. 21, 3th District, Bucharest.

Reservations: 0753.055.090



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Monday – Sunday 10:00 - 22:00


Events manager: Vera Pascale
Events: 0751.236.955
Chef: Badila Robert

Reservations: 0753.055.090


Zahana 33 Gastronomique
Strada Doamnei nr. 21, Sector 3, Bucureşti,
030167, Romania